Are you concerned about insufficient funding?Experiencing a cash crisis or anticipating one?  Making a profit but have no cash?  An established business that has been turned down by your bank?  a concept or start up company looking for investors?


RHop Capital is a uniquely specialized business consulting, funding, and financial service provider, exclusively designed to help smaller to medium sized companies resolve critical funding needs, fast.

RHop Capital can provide not only Traditional Financing but Non-Traditional and Alternative Financing, as well as Capital Restructuring for smaller to medium sized companies experiencing critical cash problems usually unable to be helped by their traditional banker.

For those seeking Private Angel or Venture Capital Investment we also provide Capital Market Access, Qualification Assessment, Training, Application and or Direct Introduction for, those who qualify,all below competitive terms and pricing.

We are particularly effective with providing Capital Market Access, Qualification Assessment, Training and Application and, can provide Qualified
Buyers or Merger Candidates should these options wish to be considered. 

For those seeking Private Investment or formal consideration regarding Capital Market Access, we offer a full Comprehensive Evaluation with Recommendations with specific instructions concerning how best to proceed (with or without our further involvement). Candidates in this regard can also submit an "Economical Review" to determine whether or not from our experienced prospective they do or do not have at least a pre-qualifying degree of investment potential, before requesting the more costly and greater time consuming full "Comprehensive Review" or actual application in this regard. 

There are three buttons noted here--the first button (General Service Inquiry) Button #1, is designed to simply address any particular financial related issue, problem or concern you might like to see dealt with. Once selected it will take you to a form where, for no charge, you can briefly describe your particular situation and specifically indicate related circumstances you might like to see dealt with as specifically as possible, mentioning any budgetary consideration you might feel need be addressed, time considerations, so on and so forth, Our professional staff will promptly respond within 48 hours..

Distinctly different, the next two buttons relate only to Capital Market Access.

Button #2, (Economy Review) when selected will access a form which when completed and submitted, is designed to provide you (subsequent to evaluation by our staff) a reliable indication as to, not only, whether or not your proprietary, idea, concept, company, proposal or suggestion, may or may not merit further private investment consideration, but also how we might suggest you proceed.

Finally Button #3  (Comprehensive Review) when selected will allow you to access a request for a full blown, comprehensive professional evaluation and assessment (our actual application for Capital Market Access), provide you a list of relevant questions which once completed, to the best of your ability and submitted to our professionals will help determine precisely what needs be done if anything for you to further proceed toward direct, formal qualified investor consideration and communication.

Please note--should results of Economy assessment show investor potential you will be allowed a discount dependant on the specific circumstances to be considered, toward the fee required for our Comprehensive Review

Need Cash For Your Business?

​"RHop Capital are uniquely capable of quickly focusing on the most pertinent issues and finding the cash necessary to resolve problems fast."

"RHop Capital people are absolute cash funding specialists and proven "mission critical" resolutions experts -- they quickly restored our financial credibility with vendors, creditors and employees.

Our Clients Say

Uniquely Providing ​​


Non-Traditional, and Alternative Financing,

as well as 

Capital Market Access


​​RHOP Capital is exclusively dedicated to providing smaller to medium sized businesses all manner of needed financial funding, counseling and assistance, regardless the nature of the general need or related financial issues being experienced.


RHop Capital people are pros at what they do, just none better."